Working from Home: How Can You Run a Business for long without an Office?


New-age entrepreneurs are rewriting the rules of operating businesses— most of them are running companies without offices, a move that may seem weird but can save thousands of dollars and egg on work-life balance.

And why not, when four times as many employees as in 2015 now feel that working from the comfort of their homes is a more productive option according to a study by Jabra?

Advanced technology has made performing remote duties possible and easy. But some types of businesses are still managed better from an office. Plus, running operations from home (with no office) will undoubtedly come with complications and might get even more tedious as your company grows.

It is no wonder there are questions as to how long this “working remotely” model is sustainable. And the correct answer to this is; with a proper plan, you can operate a company without an office for as long as you want.

Discover how to go about it.

1- Save some space for work

If you choose to run a business from home, the best you can do is to set up some workspace that resembles an office to set the mood. It helps to create an atmosphere that is strictly meant for work. Make it clean and organized. Avoid working from your bedroom, or busy areas as they may cause distractions thus slowing down your performance. If possible, set aside a small room home; if not, pick a quiet area and add in a desk.

2- Don’t trap yourself at home

Be creative—working at home all day, and all week can be boring. Identify some working spaces around your house where you can grab a drink as you work or rent spaces for meetings with other staff (or clients) from time to time. You can also meet up with co-workers for lunch and discuss projects. The truth is; you will feel more motivated and productive when you don’t trap yourself in one room.

Also, make an effort to link up with other members of your industry by attending webinars or working with other entrepreneurs.

3-Design a flexible working schedule

You and your staff need not stick to the business hours. What matters is the timely completion of tasks and effective communication.  Agree on what works perfectly for both parties and stick with the blueprint.

Also, be careful not to overwork yourself. It’s easy to work past office hours from home because there are no worries about commuting. However, don’t let work eat up all your day. Avoid logging in over the weekends to complete projects or taking 12-hour shifts on weekdays as they may turn into habits and impact negatively on your business. Just come up with a reasonable, flexible schedule and stick to it.

4-Purchase the right tech

Because you are cutting on costs by not incurring office expenses, you may be able to afford— or access extra funding from alternative small business loans— to get the tech you need to run a company from your home office. You need easy-to-use software to simplify daily operations like document management.

Plus, the fact that you are not working alongside your staff means you need the best communication possible. Go for video conferencing software like Stride to enjoy the best experience. You can also utilize attendance and time software.

Wrap Up

There you go; the excellent recipe for a home-run business, and with like-minded staff, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Author Bio:As an account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using alternative funding solutions. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has made him analternative small business loans expert at First American Merchant.


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