The Brain Injury Legal Options for You Now

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The Brain Injury Legal Options for You Now

How to assess your skills, judge if it suits your business, negotiate fees. All you need to know to find the right advisor in case of a glitch. Do not smile, it can happen to you. When you are faced with a big glitch – divorce, dismissal, withdrawal of license, accident, it is often necessary to find an adviser urgently. The risk is then big to knock on the wrong door: an overpriced leader who will have little time to devote to you, a friend of friend whose you do not know the field of competence.

Do not be fooled, follow our advice and, in anticipation of future worries, sign a legal protection contract, a new type of insurance: for a few dozen euros per month, it will reduce your legal fees by case of small dispute.

Who to contact to prospect the market?

Word of mouth is of course the most common method. Who does not have a brain injury lawyer vancouver friend or persuaded to know “a good one”? But nothing says that the “good” in question will defend you: competent for some files, it may not be at all for yours. And, if he directs you to a colleague, are you sure you can trust him?

If in doubt, contact an association of individuals who have experienced the same problem as you. Some maintain an address book of professionals tested by members (Discover eight associations that can direct you to a proficient pro).

There are also many websites offering lists of lawyers (, …), but do not expect reliable recommendations. They only put you in touch with members of a network of professionals.

Do you need a specialized lawyer?

Not necessarily. A general lawyer (three quarters of the practitioners) will do the job if your problem is classic: divorce by mutual consent, litigation with a merchant, unpaid rents … It is only when the file is complex or important financial issues that you have interest in contacting a specialist. It will be 20 to 25% more expensive, but you will gain in time and efficiency. Tax, criminal, social or real estate law, the right of people or the environment, fifteen specialties, divided into sub-qualifications, are recognized by the profession. The experts who have been practicing for at least four years in their field have passed an exam.

Other lawyers put forward an officially unrecognized “jurisdiction”, such as road law, but justified by their experience and success in court. They sometimes have valuable expertise acquired in another profession: a former judge normally has the right profile for a criminal case and a former tax inspector the knowledge it takes to advise you in case of tax adjustment.

On the other hand, do not be fooled by a buzzy title that does not mean anything (like “court lawyer”). And beware of the beautiful speakers who guarantee for sure success. “Some lawyers believe that,

How to make sure he will make himself available?

A lawyer may be competent, but overwhelmed. In Paris, some deal with 300 to 400 files a year! You must therefore ensure that yours has time to devote to you. From the first consultation, ask him about the time he will be contactable, as well as his cell phone number. If, afterwards, you can not talk to him, it’s a bad sign!

Be especially careful if you are talking to a bar tenor or a large law firm. The risk is then that your interlocutor delegates the file to one of his junior staff. A wise precaution is to ask that the name of the lawyer who will follow the proceedings be mentioned in black and white in the fee agreement.

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